How to become a premium member of Biyeta

Biyeta is an online matrimony site with thousands of prospective brides and grooms. A common question many users have after completing their profiles on Biyeta (via website or app) is how to become a premium (paid) member of Biyeta. First of all, you can pay via bKash or credit card on Biyeta and become a premium member. Here we are describing 4 methods of doing so:

First Method: From the landing page of Biyeta

Go to, then click on “Pricing”.

Pricing plan Biyeta find matches of brides and grooms
Pricing Plan Biyeta

You will see a header “Choose your plan“. Under the header are the plans. Choose one of the premium plans (Silver, Gold, Platinum) and click on “Subscribe now“.

Subscribe now Gold
Subscribe to Silver, Gold, Platinum Plan on Biyeta

You will be asked to input some information and verify your contact number, after which you will be able to pay and become a premium member.

On a side note, if you are visiting the Bangla version of the site ( or simply, the steps to click are: “মূল্য তালিকা” and then, under “আপনার প্ল্যান নির্বাচন করুন”, “শুরু করুন”.

Second Method: From your account

If you have already opened an account, simply click on your profile icon at top right corner after you have logged in. From there, click on “”আপগ্রেড করুন”. You will be taken to a page where you will see the premium plans Silver, Gold and Platinum. Select one of them by clicking again on “”আপগ্রেড করুন” and pay via bKash or credit card to become a premium member.

Upgrade account on Biyeta

Third Method: From Android app

Biyeta has a very active Android app. After having opened an account, log in from the app (you can also register via the app). After having logged in, tap on the icon at top right corner of the screen. From there, you will see an option saying “”আপগ্রেড করুন“. Tap on that and follow a similar process described in the Second Method to become a premium member.

Payment plan select from Android app
Payment from Android

Fourth Method: After your current premium plan has expired or during the validity period of an existing plan

If you are already a premium member and want to renew your existing plan or choose a new one, log in, and then, from the top-right drop-down menu, click on “পেমেন্ট প্ল্যান”. Important to note here is that if you are a paid member, you will see “পেমেন্ট প্ল্যান” instead of “আপগ্রেড করুন” when you click the drop-down menu at the top right corner. Same is applicable when you pay via the app if you are already a premium member. Also, the validity period will be that of the last plan you choose.

Payment Plan Biyeta
Choose new payment plan

Why become a premium member? Here are the benefits:

  • Unlimited profile request sends within the validity period
  • Communication requests sends (5 for Silver, 25 for Gold, 60 for Platinum) within the respective validity periods
  • Return of communication request with scope of reusing it if it has not been accepted within 7 days (within validity period of the plan)
  • Over the phone consultancy

Still have questions? You can consult our FAQ page. Sign up now and find some good matches! Here is a video describing how to easily open an account at Biyeta.


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