Visit Biyeta at www.biyeta.com or install Biyeta android app from Google Play Store. Then provide your email address and minimum 4 digit password to register. Provide your information and your preference for life partner and find your soulmate.

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Biyeta is very easy to use. At first, register and create a profile on Biyeta. It will show you some matches according to your preferences. After upgrading your profile to Premium, you will be able to send biodata request. You can view all the information except contact details if your match accepts biodata request. You can only get to view contact information when you send communication request and your match accepts it.
Except yourself, your father, mother, brother or sister can register your biodata on Biyeta.
The registration is completely free. You can receive biodata request or contact request with your free membership. You only have to pay when you want to become our Premium Member to send biodata and contact requests. We have three premium plans- Silver (2000 tk), Gold (4995 tk) and Platinum (7995 tk).
Except 'Other family relation' information, it is required to provide all the information at the beginning. The informations are mandatory so that we can find best matches for you according to your preference.
No, you cannot mention email, phone number or other contact information anywhere. You have to provide this info where you are required to. If authority finds out that you have provided contact information elsewhere, you may get banned from Biyeta.
You are encouraged for verification to increase our client’s trust and believes that you are a real person.
You can change your preference from our website anytime you want. You will be able to view your matches according to your changed preference.

Watch this video for a demo:
There are more than 20000 complete profiles of Man/Woman in Biyeta. You can view short profile of Man or Woman according to your preference immediately after opening a profile in Biyeta. You can view their full profile by selecting one of our payment plan and sending biodata request to the profile of your choice. By sending communication request, you will be able to contact with them and find the life-partner of your dream.
It is very easy to maintain privacy in Biyeta. No one can view your complete profile without your permission. You also have a privacy option for photo. No one will get to view your biodata/ communication information until you accept their request.
Many of our users have queries about contacting the opposite party, so for the benefit of our clients the complete communication process is given below-

First you have to register with Biyeta. Then you have to become our premium member by taking one payment plan out of our three payment plans. Until you are a premium member you will not be able to send Biodata or Communication request.

If you find someone's short profile interesting, you will be able to send Biodata request to view their full information.

If the opposite party accepts the request and still find the person interesting after viewing full information, you may send communication request.

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Following are the steps to send Biodata and Communication Request -

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If you want to take a premium plan, you will have to make a payment to our account. You can make a payment through Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard) or Bkash.

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First go to our biyeta.com and log in to your profile. On your upper left corner you will find “Profile” option, click on that option and edit your provided information. You can also your profile by selecting “Profile” option through our app version 2.4 and versions after that.

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To change your preference go to our website www.biyeta.com and log in to your profile. Select “Your Preference” and you will be able to view your provided preference and change accordingly. You cannot change your preference from our android app, you have to log in through using PC or mobile browser.

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When you log in to your profile through biyeta website, you will find "Match Page" option. The option shows 20 different profiles that matches your preference and mutual preference every 24 hours. The advantage of this option is that you don’t have to search your preferred man/woman by yourself. You can find the man/woman of your choice very easily through this option.
1. If you provide your communication information (ex: facebook id, email, phone number and so on) anywhere except the appropriate place, we will close your account.

2. If you are aged under 21 (male) or 18 (female), we will close your account.

3. If we find out that you are not serious about marriage now after viewing your profile, we may close your account.

4. If you have multiple profiles in Biyeta, we may close your account

5. If we find out you are giving wrong information during verification process or while talking with us over phone, we will close your account.

6. If a user doesn’t want to use Biyeta anymore, we will close the account.
Log in to your profile through biyeta.com . Then go to “Account Settings” option and click on “Close my account” option. Click on the confirmation button and your account will be deactivated.
Biyeta is not responsible for any wrong or deceptive information provided by users. Biyeta is completely online based. Currently, Biyeta doesn’t make any meeting arrangements for would be bride and bridegroom directly.
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