Where we want to go?

Each Bangladeshi eligible bachelor should have an account in biyeta and use it as the primary source of searching the soulmate.

What are we doing?

Bring back simplicity and smart in arranged marriage.
Once upon a time, in the beginning days of Islam, a seeking Sahabah would enter a house with a proposal and come out married. In our good old days of village life a matchmaker would propose and an average marriage would take place within a week to a couple of months.
And today
Finding a match was never as complex, expensive and unreachable as in the modern days. Finding a soulmate in Western style entails having relationships with many people, going through trial and error cycles and ending up breaking hearts or being broken-hearted. Parents on the other hand struggle to find the right match — reach out to the friends and relatives to look: “Ah! nobody helps now-a-days”, ask for professional help: “don’t they sound shady shoddy?”; and overall isn’t the process quite embarrassing and humiliating at times?

If the matches are made in heaven already, why would it be so difficult to find? I mean, aren’t the rest of the things like buying food, clothing and other stuff, finding the information about anything else in the world, finding the right fit for the open position in your company and even finding the long lost friend of your school life have become a lot easier than before?
Then solution
We believe finding the right match in an affordable, simple and dignified fashion for any wannabe bride or groom is a human right. We, the people behind biyeta, strive to make that happen. Our job is never done until we bring simplicity and smartness in arranged marriages. Again.
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