Future of Marriage

Day by day, customs and norms are changing. New traditions are leaving old traditions in the dust. This means more and more people are doing things hitherto unforeseen or frowned upon. Marriage is one custom that is facing challenges from these changing times. The challenges marriage is facing are partly due to:

  1. Greater acceptance of cohabitation as a form of long-term relationship: Many couples are nowadays living together without getting married. Without becoming husbands and wives, couples are having kids and raising them. This trend is particularly prevalent in western countries. Day by day, this trend is getting more acceptance and paving the way for unmarried couples to live together.
  2. Greater availability of way-outs and alternatives: It is becoming increasingly easy to get companionship through means other than marriage. Tinder and many other dating apps are making it easy for people to get together.
  3. Greater focus on work:  People are becoming more and more work-focused. As a result, they are often neglecting their duties towards their families. For many workaholics, work-life balance has become a myth. There is only work and work.
  4. Invasion of technology: It is similar to the second point. Apart from making outlets of various forms of relationship available, what technology has done is it has made us pay more attention to our virtual lives than our real ones. We are now more worried about who likes our Facebook status, who gives a “haha” or “love” react, than those who are actually by our sides giving us help and comfort. Technology has made available wonderful distractions that often take our minds and hearts away from our spouses, our relatives, and our dear ones.
  5. Positive changes: Not all the challenges of marriage are bad. For example, educated and independent women may opt to dissolve their marriages if they find their partners are oppressive and/or abusive. While this may mean a rise in divorce rates, it is not at all a bad change. Furthermore, child marriage rates are also going down across the world. Though Bangladesh still has  room for improvement in this respect. These positive changes show the prevalent problems of our society and how marriage as an institution needs to readjust.

All in all, marriage is still an important social and religious custom. It has stood the test of time and is likely to do the same in the coming years. Many businesses have sprung up surrounding marriage, such as: matrimony sites, event management firms, photography companies, etc. However, slowly but surely, the landscape is changing. What will happen to marriage as an institution after a hundred years, is something that can only be speculated upon for now.

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