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People are social creatures. We can’t live without communicating with other people. It is kind of necessary for us. We are surrounded by different types of relationships. We are someone’s son or daughter, husband or wife, father or mother or maybe someone’s aunt or uncle, or grandparents. Relationships are kind of like taking care of plants. We have to nurture it, water it and always take care of it.

Nowadays couples don’t have that patience to compromise or to sit down together and calmly try to solve the problem. That is one of the reasons why the divorce rate is getting higher day by day. Here are some of the tips to sustain your relationship longer-

  1. Don’t take each other for granted: It is a common mistake for couples who are in a relationship for more than 3 to 4 years. They think it is their duty or obligation to perform such tasks. For example- the husband thinks it is normal for the wife to prepare breakfast for him and do other household chores. It is a very small task but sooner or later wife will feel abandoned and she will not feel the same way she felt for the first time cooking for her husband. Slowly she will start to question herself why she is doing it and what is she doing. It is said that “the little things count”. The couple has to realize that their partner is not bound to do anything. Whatever your partner is doing, he/she is doing it out of love. They have to appreciate each other for everything. Sometimes “thank you”, “I love you” is all that your partner wants to hear.
  2. Trust your partner: One of the greatest pieces of advice. It is very important to trust each other. No couple can survive without trust. You have to trust your better-half and always think whatever he/she is deciding it is best for the household from his/her perspective. He/she doesn’t take wrong decision intentionally just to ruin the house or the family you have built together.
  3. Listen to your partner: nowadays people have become too busy. They don’t have quality time to spend together. They become too busy that they don’t have time to listen to each other. You have to give a chance to speak their mind otherwise the built-up frustration may damage your relationship more than you know. If things are so bad that it went to screaming at each other, one time try to keep your silence and don’t jump in with your opinion. It will be an eye-opening for your relationship and you both will understand each other a little better than before.
  4. Don’t hold onto the past, forgive: Every couple builds a wonderful memories and life together. It will be really a shame that they throw that wonderful thing out of the window just for something they did in the past or at the heat of the moment. Don’t hold grudge against each other for something done in the past. You can’t change the past, rather you should focus on the present and try to build a beautiful future.

We are not advising to compromise and stay in a toxic relationship. If your relationship is bringing more despair, disappointment rather than happiness, joy, and hope then you should immediately get rid of that relationship. But today, the most popular cause for divorce is that the couple is not ready to compromise. They are breaking up on a silly matter which can be solved if they just communicate calmly with each other. As a result, there is more broken family than before. A broken family has a really negative impact on children. Before breaking up couple should consider how many people they are hurting and has a negative impact.

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