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Internet is one of the revolutionary inventions of human being for changing the speed of the world. The introduction of Internet has revolutionized almost every sphere of Bangladeshi life and made the marriage process smoother. Searching for a bride or groom is also much more easier now with the help of internet. is one of the most popular matrimonial sites in India. In Bangladesh, we have also some leading matrimonial sites, such as Biyeta, Bibahobd, Borobodhu etc. They all are playing very important role about marriage purposes in our country. These websites have made search and selection for bride/groom simple and even while on move with the help of a smart device.

Online matrimony has its own set of advantages & disadvantages. This article briefly discusses the advantages of Bangladeshi matrimonial sites:

Easy Access

Currently in Bangladesh there are more than 61 million internet subscribers, which was around 44.6m a year ago. Among them the number of mobile internet subscribers have steadily increased to more than 58m in January. Almost all citizens are using smart devices to make their life easier and smoother. Any interested party about searching patro patri or groom/bride, can now easily visit any matrimonial site from their PC or laptop or tablet. Even, if they want, they can get registered from their entry-level smartphones also and search for their perfect match or partner from there.

Huge Resource

The advent of matrimonial sites in Bangladesh has made search for a perfect bride/groom extremely wide, in fact from global perspective. Before their inception, parents were usually used to search for a suitable bride/groom via marriage brokers or by placing matrimonial advertisements in newspaper. However, that was limited to the regions only in which the daily was circulated. Almost all Bangladeshi matrimonial sites contain thousands of verified and authentic, also valid profiles with bio-data of brides/grooms, from almost every corner of the world. So, it’s now much easier for interested parties to find their perfect match or partner.
Time Saver: If we look 5 years back, the marriage process, even the meeting between bride and groom was much complex and time consuming. It was used to take about 30 days to meet just a single bride/groom. Leading matrimonial sites in Bangladesh allow interested parties to see other parties’ pictures from their profile, though it requires permission from the other party(s). But if any bride/groom wants can make it public, easier for others to see or check. Moreover, most of the Bangladeshi matrimonial sites have filtering option, and it also saves time and energy both. For example, now the interested party can check about 30 profiles of bride/groom from matrimonial sites within a single day.

Trust & Security

Usually Bangladeshi matrimonial sites have expert teams to scan and verify the wedding profiles, submitted by interested parties for their genuineness and legitimacy by making calls, meeting people in person and understanding their likes and dislikes. This prevents them from uploading misleading information on matrimonial sites. It also helps interested parties from not being influenced by ‘too good to be true profiles’. Almost all Bangladeshi matrimonial sites allow interested parties to check others’ bio-data for free of cost, though permission is required, but it ensures privacy also.
Though most of the Bangladeshi matrimonial sites maintain a smart-level protection to protect the privacy of the information, provided on bride/groom(s)’ profile(s) or bio-data(s). For example Biyeta maintains 2-layered secured protection system, for the interested parties, to ensure the privacy protection of their registered users’ profile information.

Nominal Charge

In previous, the process of marriage, even the meeting of bride and groom, both were much costly. Currently almost all Bangladeshi matrimonial sites are offering accounts for free of cost. Users can easily create a free account and prepare their bio-data for free of cost. With due permission from other users, he or she can easily view the full bio-data for free of cost. For communication purpose between bride and groom, it charges a nominal amount.
Filtering: Filtering means making or mentioning your choice(s) more specific, so that the matrimonial site can understand interested party’s choice(s) and can show only relevant profiles on their wall. It also saves time. They want to spend or give less time now, than the previous, for making the process smoother. Suppose, a bride from Bangladesh or a Bangladeshi bride just accessed on a matrimonial site. When he’ll mention his choice(s), after creating his account and preparing his bio-data, the site will automatically show only the relevant grooms’ profiles on her profile.

Smooth Process

From opening an account or registering for an account till getting married with the match, the total process includes checking bio-data between each other, communication between each other, knowing and understanding each other, deciding from family level and the final day of marriage- though it sounds complicated, but it’s now more and more smooth only because of matrimonial sites.

Bangladeshi matrimonial sites offer today’s youngsters and also matured persons too the freedom to search a soul-mate from a million of wedding profiles, also a platform to communicate beyond geographical boundaries, and an opportunity to understand each other well before marriage. The importance of Bangladeshi matrimonial sites, at least in this digital era, can hardly be denied. But, how the marriage actually fares depends completely on one’s destiny. Very few matrimonial sites follow these all, or have these all advantages, and Biyeta is at top of them.

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